Mike Roadruck, CLP

I am a Commissioned Lay Pastor, (CLP) also known as Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE), serving at Fairgreen Presbyterian Church. My Covenant is:

Fairgreen Presbyterian Church


Maumee Valley Presbytery

Temporary Ministry Covenant with a Commissioned Ruling Elder

This covenant between the Session of Fairgreen Presbyterian Church (Session) and Dr. Mike Roadruck is for the purpose of providing particular pastoral services by a Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE) to a congregation within Maumee Valley Presbytery (MVP). This is an exempt – very part-time salaried position for $9000.00 for 50 hours per month and includes no paid vacation and no benefits other than vouchered expense allowance as well as vouchered travel reimbursement up to $400. Up to two weeks of study leave are allowed each year including pre-approved reimbursement up to $500.

This relationship shall be effective January 1, 2017 and is for six month periods which may be renewed bi-annually with the concurrence of the Session, the CRE, and the Committee on Ministry (COM) of MVP. It is agreed that this covenant may be terminated upon 30 days written notice by either the CRE or by the Session.

The CRE’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to: worship leadership as requested by the Pastor and approved by the Session; in cooperation with the Pastor the provision of pastoral care for the congregation and all who seek comfort and guidance through the church; provision of leadership and support for adult education programs/New Beginnings Programs. Together with the Pastor, the CRE will provide for the spiritual well being of the congregation. The CRE is expected to participate in the Maumee Valley Presbytery. The CRE is expected to be available upon request to the congregation, the Pastor, the church’s staff, and others who seek the comfort and guidance of the church. Additionally, the CRE will fulfill other responsibilities mutually agreed upon by the Session, the Pastor and the CRE.

It is understood the CRE is accountable to MVP through the COM.

The COM by this covenant continues to commission the CRE with the privileges as requested by the Pastor and approved by the Session of:

• Celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper 

• Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism 

• Officiating at weddings

• Celebrating Service of Witness to the Resurrection

• Pastoral visitation rights at  jails, hospitals, and other institutions where permission is required

• Moderation of Session and Congregational Meetings in the temporary absence of the Pastor

Recognizing the unique and special call of Mike to service at Fairgreen it is noted that this agreement is an exception to the MVP policy disallowing a CRE to serve in his or her own congregation. It is also an exception to the MVP policy disallowing a CRE to, in effect, fulfill the responsibilities of an Associate Pastor. Because these exceptions, by this covenant, are made by COM they are tied to the current circumstances at Fairgreen Presbyterian Church. Therefore:

• they are only in effect during the pastoral service of the current pastor, Ross Slaughter. When Ross’s full covenanted tenure ends, this exception also ends.

• when Mike’s service ends, at or before the end of Ross’s tenure, Mike will honor the MVP’s policy of Sacred Trust for Pastoral Relationship moving his membership to another congregation and ending all pastoral relationship with Fairgreen Presbyterian Church.

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